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Armchair Theatre Volume 3 Four-disc DVD set


Armchair Theatre Volume 3 Four-disc DVD set.

Produced by Network.

Includes the Patrick McGoohan play ‘The Man Out There’.

* Now Let Him Go retakes – alternate takes from the oldest surviving edition
* Old Man’s Fancy – an unaired play from 1964


Now Let Him Go
One of England’s greatest figures in the world of art is found dying. Who will inherit his money andhis paintings, and how does his death affect his granddaughter Felicity, and Stan, the son of a North Country publican?
Starring Hugh Griffith, June Thorburn, Ursula Howells, Frances Rowe and William Mervyn
Written by J.B. Priestley
Directed by Dennis Vance
Original ITV Transmission 15 September 1957

The Criminals
A board meeting is interrupted by a known criminal who threatens the four directors’ families with harm if they don’t follow his plans exactly…
Starring Stanley Baker, Raymond Huntley and Allan Cuthbertson
Written by Eric Paice and Malcolm Hulke
Directed by James Ferman
Original ITV Transmission 28 December 1958

A Night Out
Albert Stokes has a night out, against the wishes of his possessive mother. At an office party, he is involved in an embarrassing incident which leads to a more eventful evening than he had bargained for.
Starring Tom Bell, Madge Ryan, Arthur Lowe and Vivien Merchant
Written by Harold Pinter
Directed by Philip Saville
Original ITV Transmission 24 April 1960

Lena, O My Lena
Tom is fed up with his fellow students and wants to work with ‘people’ for a change. He takes a vacation job in a warehouse, where he falls under the spell of Lena and finds out where he really belongs.
Starring Billie Whitelaw, Colin Blakely, Peter McEnery and Scott Forbes
Written by Alun Owen
Directed by William T. Kotcheff
Original ITV Transmission 25 September 1960

The Man Out There
In the loneliness of space, the world’s first astronaut, cut off from base, is linked up by a freak radio reception with a Canadian trapper’s wife. She too is isolated, and facing a life or death situation…
Starring Patrick McGoohan, Clifford Evans, Katharine Blake, Jack Watson and Marne Maitland
Written by Donal Giltinan
Directed by Charles Jarrott
Original ITV Transmission 12 March 1961

The Omega Mystery
Butler and Robinson, the unconventional spycatchers first seen in 1960’s Armchair Theatre drama Flight from Treason, return – this time to track down a saboteur at a nuclear research station.
Starring John Gregson, Donald Churchill, Stanley Meadows, David Spenser, Frank Gatliff, Miranda Connell and Patrick McAlinney
Written by James Mitchell
Directed by Guy Verney
Original ITV Transmission 10 September 1961

Tune On THE Old Tax Fiddle
It’s a black day for Toby Dickson when an anonymous letter ‘shops’ him to the Inland Revenue. When the dust of conflict has settled, who is the winner – Toby or the Inspector?
Starring Raymond Huntley, Norman Rossington, John Le Mesurier, Vivienne Martin and Henry McGee
Written by Ronald Hardy
Directed by Charles Jarrott
Original ITV Transmission 17 December 1961

Afternoon of a Nymph
A young would-be starlet is invited to a party – offering her a chance to meet all the right people and, she hopes, move on to bigger and better things…
Starring Janet Munro, Ian Hendry, Peter Butterworth,
William Gaunt, Patrick Holt and Aubrey Morris
Written by Robert Muller
Directed by Philip Saville
Original ITV Transmission 30 September 1962

The Snag
Ed Crayshaw is a public relations man noted for his success with women; but he has some nasty shocks when he tackles Madame Emma and her niece Agatha, who run a salon selling foundation garments.
Starring Derek Francis, Barrie Ingham, Gwen Nelson, Patsy Rowlands and Arthur Lowe
Written by Donal Giltinan
Directed by Jonathan Alwyn
Original ITV Transmission 4 August 1963

Living Image
Robert Manders is a traditional portraitist and Royal Academician. When his son John returns from America with radically different ideas about art, conflict threatens to destroy their close and tender relationship.
Starring Alec Clunes, Alexis Kanner, Kynaston Reeves, James Villiers and Elizabeth MacLennan
Written by James Broom Lynne
Directed by Philip Saville
Original ITV Transmission 18 August 1963

Poor Cherry
Cherry’s marriage to Brian may have stagnated, but she finds plenty of compensation in her work with Philip Rick, a candidate in the local election. When her home becomes a campaign headquarters, the two are conveniently thrown together.
Starring Dilys Laye, Jane Birkin, Judy Cornwell, Gwen Nelson and Peter Arne
Written by Fay Weldon
Directed by Piers Haggard
Original ITV Transmission 9 September 1967

Special Feature:
Old Man’s Fancy
Recorded on New Year’s Eve 1964, this play was never transmitted.
Sir Harold’s dalliance with a much younger woman is cause for consternation among his children.
Starring Clifford Evans, Robert Hardy, Peter Jeffrey and Meg Wynn Owen
Written by Evan Jones
Directed by Toby Robertson

This DVD is coded to Region 2 PAL format. Purchasers from outside Europe or Australia will need a multi-region DVD player to view these discs.

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