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Why Portmeirion? Why Number 6? Why did he resign?
George Markstein was story editor of thirteen episodes of The Prisoner, co-author of the opening episode, Arrival, and the man responsible for identifying and incentivising the majority of the scriptwriters on the 1960s TV series that starred Patrick McGoohan and was filmed in Portmeirion.
George Markstein and The Prisoner examines the various claims, counterclaims and downright confusion that has muddled the genesis of one of the most controversial and iconic television programmes of all time.
The book includes correspondence from Markstein himself, the transcript of his only in-depth, audience-participation interview, an “alternative” resolution to the series and a number of never before published photographs fill the pages all to set you on the trail of who created The Prisoner.

“Very impressive – an essential purchase for Prisoner fans” – Steven Paul Davies, author of ‘The Prisoner Handbook’

“”Long overdue in my opinion … it’s impressively researched and very informative. I’m sure the man himself would have been impressed, as well as chuckling at the tantalisingly enigmatic portrait that we’re left with” – Robert Fairclough, author of ‘The Prisoner: The Official Companion to the Classic TV Series’.

“Thoroughly enjoyed. Fascinating especially to have some more light shed on the mysterious Markstein. Beautifully presented too, really high quality. Lovely item to have in my collection. Kudos to you!” – Rupert Booth, author of the Patrick McGoohan biography ‘Not A Number’

“I’d just like to express my appreciation of your splendid “Prisoner” book. I learnt so much from it and feel that the work really fills a gap in the literature on the series. Before I read your book, the most information that I had ever found about George Markstein in one place was in the Appendix of Robert Fairclough’s first volume of “Prisoner” scripts, and that amounts to a mere dozen pages. I was particularly impressed at how you use evidence from different sources when considering the “for” and “against” perspectives on the various arguments. If I had to describe your book in a phrase it would be “informative, well balanced and nicely judged”. It’s also beautifully illustrated! My knowledge of “The Prisoner” today would be significantly poorer without it.” – Andrew K Shenton, author of ‘Unique But Similar: The Prisoner Compared’

“What an excellent piece of work. Extremely accomplished … a very good style, you impart information and draw the reader along.The content is informative, original, gripping. It’s an excellent read. As a work of reference it brings fresh information and it is an affectionate and insightful portrait of the man. I was left thinking I wanted to hear more about him.” – David Barrie, founder of Six of One, The Prisoner Appreciation Society.

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