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Lone Wolf: A Fan’s Guide to Danger Man: the half hour series Paperback Book


Written by Rodney Marshall, whose father was a writer for ITC series, this is a fantastic 2021 guide to the first 39 episodes of ‘Danger Man’, 182 pages.

Danger Man established an exciting new genre, of contemporary action adventure, one which would become a dominant force on British television throughout the 1960s. It represented a landmark show. It was in its original, half-hour format (1960-62) that Danger Man ‘made it new’. The later, hour-long series (1964-67) would offer more scope for character and plot development, and technical experimentation. The first run, though, was the one which threw down the creative gauntlet. The limited, twenty-five-minute time frame would require fast-paced, tightly structured scripts. Drake’s character remained a largely mysterious or enigmatic one throughout the thirty-nine episodes, with almost nothing established about his private life, and very little about the people who employed him. That was part of the charm of the original series, as was the globe-trotting glamour, effectively captured by a mixture of stock footage, studio backlot, inventive sets and British-based location filming. Add a palm tree and we were away, off to the four corners of the world.

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