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Danger Man: A Fan’s Guide to the ITC spy series Paperback Book


Written by Rodney Marshall, whose father was a writer for ITC series, this is a fantastic 2021 guide to  ‘Danger Man’. 484 pages, cover art by Brian Gorman.

Please note: this book combines two previous guides – Lone Wolf and Secret Agent. It does not contain any additional material.
In 1960, two years before 007 reached the cinema, Patrick McGoohan’s half-hour Danger Man television series kick-started a wave of contemporary action-adventure and espionage. The show was innovative, radical and revolutionary. Returning in 1964, reformatted and in an hour-long form, it continued to experiment with the boundaries of spy fiction. As the decade evolved, it became clear that no one could match McGoohan’s enigmatic style or the series’ high production values.
This book is the ultimate episode guide to ITC’s landmark series. In addition to more general chapters, it guides you through all 86 episodes through a range of topics, from secret agent John Drake’s moral code, interesting guest actors/characters, memorable sets, locations and scenes, gadgets, quips, innovative camera work and much more. This is the perfect companion for whenever you dig out your DVD boxsets.

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