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The Prisoner and Danger Man Collectibles by John Buss


Paperback Book. Danger Man is possibly the show that started the whole sixties spy craze, first appearing a full two years before the first James Bond movie hit the big screen. The show’s hero was John Drake, an agent for NATO’s secret service played by Patrick McGoohan. While immensely popular around Europe the series may well have ended after its first series, if were not for the success of the Bond movies. The show was resurrected and extended to hour-long episodes, and subtlety altered to reflect a more Bondish style. The show was a worldwide hit and McGoohan became an international star, going on to create and star in The Prisoner, possibly one of the most talked about and discussed TV series ever created. Are the two series connected? Was Drake number 6? Many things would suggest both. These series truly define Cult TV. John Buss takes the reader through the collectible items related to these iconic TV shows.