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The Prisoner – Series 2 Audio Drama (Big Finish)


Big Finish are the world-renowned creators of audio drama re-imaginings, and continuations, of popular TV series, and more. Their ranges include Doctor Who, The Avengers, Callan, and more.

Written and directed by Big Finish’s executive producer Nicholas Briggs, ‘The Prisoner – Series Two’ is a collection of four full-cast audio drama episodes in which a secret agent is abducted and imprisoned in a strange village.

Starring Mark Elstob as Number Six, with guest stars including Lucy Briggs-Owen, John Heffernan, and others. Also stars Sara Powell, Barnaby Edwards, Helen Goldwyn.

Nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award:- Best Online or Podcast Audio Drama

“A triumph of compelling storytelling – I was totally absorbed throughout. Writer and producer Nicholas Briggs totally ‘gets’ the concept of ‘The Prisoner’ and it felt as though these new episodes were a bespoke concoction, written specially for me! Briggs’ series has stepped out of the shadow of the original series and now proudly stands on its own two feet. Entertaining, daring, and utterly enthralling.” Rick Davy, The Unmutual Website

2.1 I Met a Man Today (adapted from Many Happy Returns)
Exhausted after a daring escape from the Village, Six returns to London to find a woman living in his home. Despite being fearful that this could be yet another trick by those who run the Village, he dares to take the risk and starts to get to know her… Meanwhile, those running British Intelligence have their own agenda.

2.2 Project Six (adapted from A, B and C)

Six is now certain he can’t trust anyone. Any food or water in the Village could be laced with chemicals to alter his mental state. Going ‘nil by mouth’ in an attempt to prevent potential drugging, he finds himself dazed and confused by hunger and dehydration. And a prisoner in a secret laboratory makes some unnerving claims. Claims that lead to the identity of Number One.

2.3 Hammer into Anvil (adapted from the TV episode of the same title)

For the new Number Two ‘the gloves are off’. His mission is to break Six, saying he must be either hammer or anvil. But Six has a plan to exploit a weakness in the system.

2.4 Living in Harmony (not adapted from the TV episode of the same title)

Six finds himself in entirely unfamiliar circumstances. He is also confronted with the seemingly impossible return of Number Nine. But worst of all, he is faced with a deadly choice. Just how much is his freedom really worth?

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